Beautiful harmonious Italian coffee

The Classic Collection: a pillar of the Lavazza offering for lovers of traditional Italian espresso coffee with a contemporary twist, created for perfect extraction in professional settings. 

Espresso is a form of art

The Art of Selection

Every year Lavazza selects 25 high-quality coffee origins from 15 countries worldwide.

An exclusive collection that combines a fine selection of washed Arabica hand-picked in the highlands of Central and South America, carefully blended with washed and semi-washed Robusta, such as Kaapi Royale and Java.


The Art of Blending

In 1895 Luigi Lavazza starts perfecting the approach we use in blending and roasting techniques. We built our blend through our strict selection standards, using the most innovative convection and conduction roasting technology, to enhance the taste profile of our blends.


The Art of Espresso

The authentic Italian Espresso for Lavazza is the perfect harmony of aroma, body and taste. An elegant tribute to our tradition, as a result of more than 120 year of experience and refined knowledge.


Espresso means discovery.


Superior iconic blends

“The Specials” is our range of characterful blends with a broad sensorial profile, delivering a unique coffee experience. Composed of a selection of  top origins (washed arabica and robusta) with a unique taste, balanced body,  and fine acidity and sweetness.


Espresso means elegance.


Traditional Italian Blends

“The Classics” are elegantly blended with heritage, craftmanship and pleasure. This results in the contemporary interpretation of the beautiful Italian espresso. Predominantly composed by a selection of natural coffee, these blends harmoniously combine the intense aroma of classic full-bodied coffee and its long finish taste with aromatic notes of chocolate and roasted cereals.